Would you like a degree that gives you a set of cutting-edge skills in business, big data management and applications? With the ever-expanding growth of information size, companies need employees who are equipped with a new set of innovative methods for data capture, storage, sharing and analysis.

As a graduate of this programme, you can help build stronger and more ethical big data management practices. Strategic use of big data management and applications improves a company’s data analytics – and how they approach goals and address problems. Enter the job market prepared to help employers:

  • Increase revenue
  • Create more targeted marketing
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase efficiency and reduce cost
  • Take social, environmental and economic impact into account

Big data management is important for people at many levels within a company, from the chief data officer and chief information officer, to the data managers, database administrators, data architects, data modelers, data scientists, data warehouse analysts, business analysts and more.

In the Bachelor in Management – Big Data Management and Applications, you’ll study with top faculty members from triple-accredited Audencia Business School and gain insights from the brightest innovators around the world. 

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Key information


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Management – Big Data Management and Applications



  • Hold a high school diploma (any diploma equivalent to the French baccalaureate) or be finishing the final year of high school/secondary studies
  • Be proficient in English (minimum IETLS score of 5.5)
  • Pass Audencia’s written test and interview



DURATION4 years, full-time
  • Programme is based in Nantes, France
  • Courses will be held on-site, with small class sizes and safety measures for COVID-19
  • All students will have a 6-month study abroad term in another country
TUITION€12,000 per year


In this programme, you’ll start by gaining foundational business and management knowledge. Then you’ll develop a specialisation in big data management and applications that allows you to play a strategic role in collecting, analysing and presenting information that shapes the processes of a business.

Because Audencia is among the best-ranked and most corporately-connected business schools in Europe, the quality of your education is high. Achieved by only 1% of business schools, Audencia holds triple accreditation in all top international academic accreditations – EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

Join us in Nantes, recognised by countless organisations and publications as one of the best places to live in France. 

Build a solid foundation in international management – and gain understanding and skills in exciting new methods and technologies. Courses include:

  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Management
  • International Accounting
  • Principals of Finance
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Econometrics
  • Language
  • Corporate Finance
  • Introduction to FinTech
  • Data Management
  • Introduction to Programming
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Big Data and Finance
  • Corporate Strategy

Develop your leadership and research skills as you learn to thrive in a global environment – while also considering the social, environmental and economic outcomes of business. These courses help you develop as a strong and ethical leader. Courses include:

  • Leadership
  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Research Methodology
  • International Business Skills

Prepare to build an expertise in big data management and applications. Through these specialised courses, you’ll learn strategies and have hands-on experiences to prepare you for your future career. You’ll come out of the programme with a hybrid set of skills in an exciting and dynamic field of advancing technologies. Courses include:

  • Database Systems
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Market Survey and Research
  • International Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Computer Networks
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Data Analysis
  • Big Data and Customer Experience
  • Blockchain and Business Analysis
  • Hackathon in Digital Marketing
  • Business Games

Customise your skills and your career path by selecting eight electives to compliment your training and impress your future employer. Throughout your programme, Audencia Career Services will support you in mapping out your career path, so you’ll know what courses to choose when the time comes.  

  • Brand Design
  • Creating a New Business
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • International Strategic Management
  • History of Art and Design
  • Empirical Research Project
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to Energy Transition
  • International Business Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Corporate Governance
  • Operations Management
  • Digital Transformation and New Management Practices
  • Digital Media Design
  • Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation
  • Business Communication
  • Human Resources Management
  • Blockchain
  • Data Visualisation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Venture Capital and Financial Innovation
  • Business Intelligence Analysis
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis

Your programme is a combination of academic training and real-world practice, both within your courses and the wider structure of your programme.

Guest speakers and corporate partners will be present throughout your courses. You will also:

  • Gain real work experience through a 6-month internship
  • Prepare for the global business environment by studying abroad for 1 term
  • Showcase your knowledge with a bachelor’s thesis that you can present to prospective employers

You’ll spend one term (roughly six months) studying abroad with one of our international partners. This will help you build the cultural competency you need for success in an international business environment. Audencia has strong partnerships with leading academic institutions in:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific

During the last year of your studies, you’ll propose a thesis topic related to your career goals. This written work is both academic and practical, allowing you to showcase what you have learned and how you plan to apply it – of interest to your future employer. You’ll use the research methodology you learned earlier in the programme, and a thesis supervisor will provide you with personal guidance throughout the life of your project.

Thesis components include:

  • Definition of a problem
  • Methodology for addressing the problem
  • Results
  • Literature review

At the end of your programme, you will hold a six-month internship in a company or organisation. During this period, you will put your academic knowledge to real-world use. This immersion experience will also help you build corporate connections and develop your CV/resume. This is a key component to the career success of our graduates.

Discover our corporate partners

corporate partners
Employed students hired within 2 months of graduation
Internships and job offers per year


Our reputation, quality and network provide you with training from the best in both industry and academia. The knowledge, experience and vast network you’ll gain will prepare you for a career in big data management and applications.  

Audencia is amongst the elite 1% of business schools worldwide to hold triple accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. A world leader in corporate social responsibility, we were the first French business school to adhere to the UN’s Global Compact and sign the Principles of Responsible Management Education, which we also helped define. We bridge the gap between corporate success and meaningful and effective action. 

Through our network, you’ll work with faculty members who have extensive industry experience, researchers who specialise in a diverse range of fields and corporate partners in need of real solutions. We’re constantly developing innovative collaborations that expand our network, such as our alliance with other leading institutions in Nantes that unite and enrich engineering, management, architecture and creativity.

A well-connected modern city with old-world flair, Nantes, France, is recognised by the EU for quality of life. The entire Loire Valley region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn more about life at Audencia. 


Faculty members at Audencia are incredibly diverse, with 50% of professors representing 27 countries outside of France. Many have backgrounds in industry; their work is published in internationally recognised academic journals and business publications and they regularly act as consultants to a wide range of business entities, including start-ups, non-profits, NGOs, SMEs and multinational corporations.

All faculty members work within the frame of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and innovation, advancing responsible best practices for the business world. Areas of expertise are many and typically fall into one or more of the following centres of excellence and research departments:

Centres of excellence

  • Sustainable Business and Development Models
  • Responsible Information and Technologies
  • Inclusive Organisations and Society

Research departments

  • Finance
  • Business and Society
  • Communication and Culture
  • Management
  • Marketing

Meet Audencia faculty members

Career & alumni

The Bachelor of Science in Management – Big Data Management and Applications gives you the training and experience you need to secure an exciting entry- or mid-level position in data management within a global setting. 

With a degree in big data management and applications, you’ll be qualified for a range of strategic positions, including:

  • Data engineer
  • Security engineer
  • Technical recruiter
  • Big data visualizer
  • Business intelligence analyst

Our Career Centre will help you throughout the entire career development process. During your studies, you will have access to CV and interview workshops, individual career coaching, personal development programmes and many online tools.

In addition, each year the Career Centre organises employment fairs with 120+ companies, shares 90,000+ job and internship opportunitie, and gives you privileged access to 100+ career events.

Through the Bachelor of Science in Management – Big Data Management and Applications you’ll strengthen your global network of peers and professionals. Audencia is highly international, boasting partnerships with 175+ corporate partners and 190+ global academic partners. At Audencia, 34% of students come from outside of France, representing 100+ countries.

During this programme, you’ll meet and work with professionals from a range of companies and organisations. Guest speakers and industry partners will contribute to your learning and assessment activities. This offers you the chance to network with industry professionals throughout your programme.

Audencia also has a business incubator available to graduates interested in pursuing entrepreneurial goals.

Audencia Alumni

Join the nearly 30,000+ Audencia alumni working in over 100 countries. Audencia Alumni includes 31 professional and cultural clubs in France and 42 international chapters. You’ll be in good company, as over thousands of our alumni have become CEOs.

The alumni association will help you connect with other professionals and executives and provide additional development and networking opportunities to support your goals.

Admissions & finance

Join us! Here is a breakdown of everything you’ll need to make it smoothly through the application process. Admissions are open until 7 June.

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Bachelor of Science in Management – Big Data Management and Applications

  • Hold a high school diploma (any diploma equivalent to the French baccalaureate) or be finishing the final year of high school/secondary studies
  • Be proficient in English (minimum IETLS score of 5.5)
  • Pass Audencia’s written test and interview

You may begin your online application any time; you can save it and make changes before submitting. Apply by 7 June.

Apply now

You will be required to submit the following documents:

  • CV and cover letter in English
  • Certified copies of high school/secondary school diploma (in English or French) or (if you are finishing your final year) the enrolment certificate for your current studies and your academic transcripts
  • Copy of identity document (e.g., passport)
  • Photo (jpeg, 346 x 366 pixels)
  • Online interview and written test (scheduled shortly after submitting the online application if you qualify)
  1. Submitting your application
    Complete the online application by 7 June.
    Your application will be evaluated within seven days. If you qualify, step two will also occur within seven days of your application.

  2. Admission interview and written test
    At a prearranged time, you will have a 15-20 minute exchange with an admissions counsellor to assess your level of English and make sure that you are a good fit for the programme. You will also take a brief written test.

  3. Admission decision
    Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. You should have a decision within a few days of your interview. If your application is borderline and requires further review by the programme director, you will have an admission decision within 18 days of your interview. Please do expect some delay during holidays.

  4. Acceptance
    Congratulations! If admitted, you’re invited to officially join the programme. You’ll sign a contract and pay the first instalment of the tuition fees (€1,500, non-refundable).

Please contact our admissions office with further questions. 

Tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year

Bachelor of Science in Management – Big Data Management and Applications

€12,000 per year

Other costs linked to school fees

  • Application fee: €100
  • Costs such as visa fees, CVEC, supplementary health insurance, transportation, accommodation and meals are to be paid directly by the student.