BBA Big Data & Management

Acquire a unique blend of expertise in Management and Data Engineering to meet new business needs.

The BBA Big Data & Management prepares students to take on cross-functional management positions. They will acquire both strong managerial skills (finance, management, marketing, strategy) and advanced technical skills in the collection, analysis and use of data for business performance.

Jointly developed by Audencia and Centrale Nantes, this course draws on the academic excellence of both institutions to offer a programme with a strong international and professional focus. 

Key information

PROMOTIONMixed cohort of French and international students
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTSHigh school diploma or equivalent 
DIPLOMAA fully accredited bachelor’s degree (French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation)

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LANGUAGE100% English
INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE15 months minimum (study semesters and internships)
LOCATIONAudencia Atlantic campus & Centrale Nantes
NEXT INTAKESeptember 2023


Acquire basic principles and first international experience

The aim of the first year is to understand the basic principles in Management and Big Data. Courses are jointly coordinated by the two institutions with each school delivering the courses within its field of expertise.

Accounting & FinanceAlgorithms
Introduction to computingMarketing Mix
Mathematics I: AnalysisMathematics II: Linear Algebra
Principles of MacroeconomicsSales Techniques
English coursesSecond Foreign Language courses

Cost AnalysisData Structure Management
Information Systems Management IMarket Study
Mathematics III: AnalysisMathematics IV: Linear Algebra
Product InnovationSales Communication
Scientific ProgrammingInternship

The year finishes with a 3-month internship which must be undertaken abroad. This is designed to develop students' openness and adaptability.

Consolidate the basics and acquire advanced scientific knowledge

The first half of the year is designed to consolidate the basic principles covered in the first year in business and engineering. Courses continue to be jointly coordinated by the two institutions. 

Business EthicsConsumer Study
DatabasesInformation Systems Management II
Mathematics V: Probabilities and StatisticsNegotiation
Operating SystemEnglish courses
Second Foreign Language courses

The four semester focuses on acquiring advanced scientific knowledge. These courses are taught exclusively by Centrale Nantes faculty on its Casablanca campus in Morocco (or at a partner university).

AI and Data Mining for Digital BusinessCloud Computing
Artificial IntelligenceData Analysis
Data Cleansing & Quality of DataData Mining
Information Systems SecurityMachine Learning
Neural NetworksScientific Visualisation

Acquire advanced management skills and apply knowledge

The first semester focuses on advanced management courses. These courses are taught exclusively by Audencia faculty and are held on its campus in Shenzhen, China (or at a partner university).

Budget AnalysisCorporate Social Responsability
Financial DiagnosisGeopolitics
Intercultural ManagementInternational Marketing
International TradePurchasing
StrategyInternational Environment

The focus in the second semester turns towards more applied learning. Students will undertake project-based work and put their knowledge into practice. Faculty from both institutions run and teach these courses jointly.

Digital Marketing IDigital Marketing II
Blockchain & PurchasingCustomer Relationship Management & Company Resource Planning
Crypto & Online CurrenciesData & Business Strategy
E-Human Resources ManagementEthics & Big Data
Research MethodologyInternship

Students complete the year with a further 3-month internship period. During this internship students will be tasked with undertaking in-depth analysis of an issue linked to their responsibilities within their company and to formulating recommendations.

Continue to apply knowledge and build up professional skills

The first semester gives students the opportunity to work on tangible new projects, thereby applying the skills acquired throughout the first three years. Faculty from both institutions again run and teach these courses jointly.

Big Data & EnergyBusiness Intelligence
Decision Support SystemDigital Transformation & Company Architecture
FinTechOperations Management & Big Data
PersonnalisationRecommendation Systems
Supply Chain & Big Data

The final year internship takes place over a period of six months during semester 8. It is a project-based internship, whereby students are required to undertake and manage a project independently. At the end of the internship, students produce an internship report, which must include a research approach through problem definition, a methodology for dealing with the problem and a literature review.

A joint programme developed by Audencia and Centrale Nantes

Audencia and Centrale Nantes have joined forces to offer a joint scientific and management programme that directly addresses new company needs.

Designed for a mixed cohort of French and international students, the BBA Big Data & Management is a four-year bachelor programme combining academic excellence with international and professional experience. 

In 2013, Audencia and Centrale Nantes founded the Alliance, to be joined by the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Nantes (ensa Nantes) the following year. The three schools capitalize on their synergies within the Alliance, which brings together engineering, management, architecture and design. This cooperation enhances teaching, research, corporate relations and the international outreach of the three Alliance members.  

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Shared resources

Audencia and Centrale Nantes have pooled their material and learning resources for the purposes of this programme. Students have access to all of the schools' campuses in France and abroad, to their media libraries, laboratories, company and alumni networks.

Just a short walk separates the Audencia Atlantic Campus and the Centrale Nantes campus, which are located at the heart of the city's main university campus and just fifteen minutes from Nantes city centre. 

Audencia boasts 18,000 m2 of diverse and modular teaching facilities. Each classroom is equipped for different teaching methods and group work (video projector, audio speakers). The school also has mobile audiovisual and computer resources (digital camcorders, TV, DVD players, tablets).

Centrale Nantes houses 17 buildings on a 40-acre green campus. In addition to the standard facilities of a university campus (classrooms, media library, computer rooms, etc.), it is home to 12 research platforms, some of which are unique in France, and modern and varied sports facilities, the Centrale-Audencia-Ensa incubator and vibrant student life.

  • 38 modular classrooms
  • 9 lecture theatres
  • 3 computer rooms 
  • 1 Knowledge Hub 
  • 3 Student Hubs
  • 1 Fab Lab
  • 1 Learning Lab
  • 8 connected collaborative work rooms (equipped with internet and digital screens) 
  • 24 association offices (student, arts, sports etc.)
  • Sports and cultural facilities: gymnasium, weights room, fitness room and music room
  • 1 web portal, Tomorrow, with remote access for students and teachers
  • 1 collaborative platform, Blackboard, used by faculty to enhance the learning experience (additional resources, working groups, chat, forum etc.)
  • 45 classrooms
  • 6 lecture theatres 
  • 13 computer rooms (with nearly 180 fully equipped PCs and extended opening hours)
  • 1 media library
  • 6 research institutes
  • Sports and cultural facilities: 1 gymnasium, 1 multisport/dojo hall, squash courts, 1 piano room
  • 1 student house
  • Student residences
  • 1 online platform for students, Onboard, with timetables, grades, attendance management, distance learning and teaching resources,
  • 1 Moodle platform (Hippocampus) with collaborative functionality available to faculty and students (additional resources, working groups, forum, online assessments, etc.).
  • Students also have access to meeting rooms / learning innovation / videoboxes equipped with video projectors, cameras, interactive whiteboards, etc., for their classes, presentation preparation, project work, etc.
  • 1 lifelong email address and an individual digital workspace and storage space, with remote 24H access

Focus on unique resources

The Centrale-Audencia-Ensa incubator is an entrepreneurship support programme which aims to boost the creation of innovative companies in the Pays de la Loire region.

The unique collaboration between three nationally and internationally recognised educational and research establishments, in the fields of engineering, management, communication, design and architecture, provides exceptional conditions for the development of incubated projects. The Centrale-Audencia-Ensa incubator is fully in tune with the dynamics of the Nantes and Loire region thanks to its strong involvement in a particularly innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The supercomputer, which was installed at Centrale Nantes at the end of 2015 as part of the Connect Talent project in the Pays de la Loire region, is one of the most powerful in its category in France (Tier-2). Giving access to unprecedented levels of precision, this state-of-the-art equipment is a real game changer which will release new potential for innovation.

Intensive numerical calculation is an indispensable tool for both research and industry: it reduces the cost of testing, facilitates optimization and promotes creativity and the search for new solutions. The means of calculation are also an indicator of the research and development of a region, or a nation.

High Performance Computing (HPC) consists of using software for acquisition, modeling or analysis on supercomputers of several thousand processors capable of executing several billion operations per second to model complex phenomena, process or characterise large volumes of data. It is also a set of servers designed to run long-term processes to massively and intensively calculate programs. These supercomputers can be seen as a large number of machines (computing servers) linked together by very high-speed networks.

Centrale Nantes is the only higher education establishment in France to have such a powerful supercomputer which is open to different users.