International experience

International experiences

Students are required to acquire a minimum of 15 months of international experience during the programme.

All students will spend two academic semesters abroad in:

  • The second semester of year 2, on the Centrale Nantes Offshore Campus in Casablanca, Morocco (or at a Centrale Nantes partner university).
  • The first semester of year 3, at Shenzen Audencia Business School, China (or at an Audencia partner university);

In addition, one of the three internships (3 months minimum) has to be undertaken abroad.

Study abroad

Students have the opportunity to spend as much as 24 months abroad via academic and professional experience, as follows:

*One of the three internships (3 months minimum) needs to be completed abroad.

Maximum possible durationAbroad
First-year internship3 monthsOptional*
Study semester 46 monthsMandatory
Study semester 56 monthsMandatory
Third-year internship3 monthsOptional*
Final-year internship6 monthsOptional*

Semester 4 of the BBA Big Data & Management will initially take place on the Centrale offshore campus in Casablanca (students will, subsequently, have the opportunity to undertake this semester at one of Centrale Nantes’s partner universities).

Semester 5 of the BBA Big Data & Management will initially take place on the Shenzen campus (students will, subsequently, have the opportunity to undertake this semester at one of Audencia’s partner universities).

International Campuses

Shenzhen is one of the most dynamic and innovative cities in the world, to the extent that it is now widely considered to be a Silicon Valley in the making, as evidenced by the 20% growth recorded in 2019 in the following sectors: biotechnology, internet, new energies, new materials, information technology and cultural activities.

Audencia opened a campus in Shenzhen, China in 2016. In June of the same year, the University of Shenzhen and Audencia formed a joint venture: Shenzhen Audencia Financial Technology Institute (SAFTI).

14 permanent faculty teach on site and are part of Audencia's faculty. Four programmes are offered on this campus.

In the past 2 years, it has regularly welcomed students from the Master in Management (Grande Ecole) Programme for a study semester.

More information

Inspiration for the Ecole Centrale de Casablanca came from a strategic partnership between Morocco and France, signed by King Mohammed VI and French President François Hollande in April 2013. Ecole Centrale Casablanca is administered by a non-profit organisation and managed by a steering committee composed of independent members, representatives from Centrale Supélec and from the relevant Moroccan ministries (Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy, Economy and Finance, Higher Education and Research). Ecole Centrale Casablanca focuses on three main areas: higher education, research and executive education. In addition to the faculty team in Casablanca, visiting faculty from the Ecoles Centrale Group also teach on site.

The Casablanca site is located on a new campus in Bouskoura, close to a large eucalyptus forest. It is a quiet environment with classrooms, auditoriums, laboratories, library, student accommodation, administration offices, canteen and gymnasium.

Students will be offered accommodation in a residence located on campus. 


Financial support

Extra costs associated with transport, food, accommodation, books, miscellaneous expenses and medical/repatriation insurance, etc., are at the student’s expense.

For some international destinations, tuition fees at the host universities may be payable by the student.

There are mobility support schemes in place to facilitate international study semesters (admission/tuition fees and funding).