Campus Life

Audencia and Centrale Nantes strongly encourage their students to get involved in student clubs and associations. Campus life is designed to help you acquire new skills and knowledge, supporting your personal development. One of the main goals of the associations is for everyone to find their way. This personal development often involves taking on responsibilities and entrepreneurial spirit, which helps you to see your projects through to completion.

At the heart of Audencia's Student Life

The Student Association - BDE

Run by a president and a board elected by the student body, the Student Office takes on new projects every year, welcomes new students (buddy system etc), organises weekend and evening events for students.


The Sports Association - BDS

The Board and its president organise various sports events: matches (soccer, handball, volleyball...) but, also ski trips, network sports competitions, participation in Nantes events.


The Art Clubs - BDC

Each year students have the opportunity to participate in different activities. Many options are on offer: Phototography, Theatre, Dance, Music, Trade and Art etc...The choice of artistic options evolves according to the talents of the respective cohorts.

Student Life at Centrale Nantes

Life on campus is characterized by a dynamic club activity, thanks to student engagement and the active support of the school. There a more than 80 clubs and associations offering diverse activities all year round: robotics club, film club, poker, cookery, Zik, ski week, participation in 4L trophy, etc., and events of regional or national scope: Créadanse, Inkjet Competition, Nemo Challenge, international week etc.

Students can find an activity that allows them to express their talents, to develop their organization, project management, and communication skills. A great experience on a personal level, but also a first step towards professional skills.

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